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ALPECIN ” Dandruff Killer Shampoo ” Review

If your scalp is anything like mine, you have battled dandruff on your head for a fairly good amount of time. My head has experienced, what I’d like to call “Scaly Scalp Days” numerous amount of times. In the past somehow the dandruff did manage to subside on its own.

But lately, perhaps the past one year has been a struggle as my dandruff only got worse with every new shampoo I tried. I got lazy to go to dermatologist to actually have anything prescribed for it, just kept hoping it would go like it used to in the past. However, nothing seemed to work, and it only got worse.

I did try a popular anti-dandruff shampoo (Head & Shoulders) from the market which worked. It did what it was supposed to pretty well, which is fight dandruff. However, in this process it ended up leaving my hair greasy even after thorough washing and extremely frizzy the day after the shower.

And after having lost all hopes of finding a good shampoo, I made up my mind to visit a dermatologist for the sake of my sanity, because the flakiness and the itch was getting worse by the day.

In the meanwhile, during one of my skincare shopping trips on the online store –, I happened to look for dandruff remedies out of curiosity. And lo and behold (cue dramatic reveal music), the search results showed “ALPECIN” anti-dandruff shampoo. I glanced through the reviews and there were plenty of good reviews, and I thought of giving it a try.

There were other shampoos too, but somehow I went ahead with ALPECIN because it was one of the affordable ones. and I can now safely say that my dandruff problem has been finally solved. I have almost reached the end of my second bottle and I will be placing my order for the next one soon.

Just like “Head and Shoulders”, this one is a similar light blue shampoo with a slightly minty sensation (due to the menthol), but unlike the “H&S”, “ALPECIN” doesn’t make my scalp greasy or my hair frizzy, and I absolutely love it for that. And just within just two to three usages, my dandruff was completely gone. My dandruff had left some scars on my scalp due to the incessant scratching that it had led to, but I finally have a healthy scalp. And I am so damn grateful. With this being said, I’d also like to add a disclaimer that shampoos, just like a lot of skin care products out there work differently for different people, what worked for me may not necessarily work for you. Different people have different skin types and also different scalps so my review is not to be considered as a 100% guarantee that the product will work for you.

“ALPECIN” the brand, is based in Germany and is made specifically for men. Such an irony that it worked wonders for my (a woman’s) scalp. It does have plenty of other anti-dandruff shampoos in its range but the one I got for myself is the “Dandruff Killer Shampoo”. Unfortunately, it is not available on as of now, they only have their other “Caffeine” shampoos.

Luckily the “Dandruff killer shampoo” is available on And below is my affiliate link to the product. If you are satisfied by my review that you just read and you’d like to get your hands on this shampoo to tackle your dandruff, I’d appreciate if you could use the below link to make your purchase.

I hope this helps you get rid of your dandruff, and if it does, do make sure to let me know in my comments or get in touch with me on Instagram @rowena_pereira_dsa

Bye, Until next time!

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