Chicken Breast with French Beans and Cauliflower

I’m not a passionate chef, I’m quite a lazy one, and thus I look for recipes online that appeal to my lazy self, especially the ones where you marinate stuff and put it in the oven to bake.

Below is one such easy recipe I tried.


1. Chicken Breast – 2 Fillets

2. Cauliflower

3. French Beans

4. Salt

5. Pepper

6. Paprika powder

7. Garlic Powder


Step 1 – Boil Cauliflower florets (semi boil, don’t boil completely , they’ll turn quite mushy otherwise)

Step 2 – Cut French beans and place them in your baking tray. (I don’t even have a baking spray yet, LOLing at myself :P) and also place the Cut chicken breast pieces.

Step 3 – Placed the semi boiled Cauliflower in the tray on top the beans and the chicken breast.

Step 4 – For marinade – Olive oil , salt , pepper , paprika and garlic power.

Step 5 – Mix well and bake for 30 to 45 mins on 200 Degree Celsius (Keep checking in between to make sure nothing gets burnt )

And it’s done. Unfortunately I don’t have an image after it was done. My husband and I gobbled it up in an instant. 😛 But it was absolutely tasty , I can assure you of that.

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