Tips for an instant better perspective of life!


  1. Wake up and say – ‘I am grateful for a new day’!
  2. Smile more often!
  3. Compliment a stranger!
  4. Take a walk in the nature!
  5. Go to the beach!
  6. Go to the pool!
  7. Dress up!
  8. Go for a spa!
  9. Get your nails done!
  10. Watch a movie!
  11. Watch the sunrise/sunset!
  12. Play with a baby!
  13. Feed a street cat!
  14. Pet a street dog!
  15. Take a long bubble bath!
  16. Get a haircut!
  17. Color or style your hair a new way!
  18. Get a tattoo!
  19. Bake a cake!
  20. Organize & Tidy up!
  21. Donate clothes!
  22. Do Yoga!
  23. Watch the night sky!
  24. Grow a garden!
  25. Do some volunteer work!


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