Self Help

25 affirmations to say daily for a better living !

1. I am a wonderful human being and I deserve wonderful things !

2. Happiness is my natural state of being , and I experience happiness abundantly !

3. Success comes easily to me !

4. I am prosperous !

5. I am happy !

6. I feel productive throughout my day , everyday !

7. I feel accomplished at the end of everyday !

8. I am full of energy everyday !

9. I attract amazing experiences in my life !

10. Everyday I have so many things to be grateful for !

11. I rejoice every moment of my existence !

12. I keep running into exciting endeavors !

13. I wake happily every morning !

14. I am peaceful !

15. I am blessed abundantly !

16. I’m healthy !

17. I feel great about my body !

18. I am constantly evolving and growing !

19. I am enough !

20. I have enough and more resources to live a wonderful life !

21. I am worthy of love !

22. I am blessed with wonderful people around me !

23. I cultivate harmonious relationships with people !

24. I love life and all that comes my way !

25. I grow through every challenge that gets thrown at me, and I emerge stronger than ever before!

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