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A tale of a tantrum !

I was seated in a mall food court one day, munching on my chicken pop corn , scrolling endlessly on social media and occasionally taking a peek outside of my phone and observing people walk around , eat , stroll around having a good time with family or friends.

And that’s when a shriek caught my attention. It was from a little boy – a cranky little boy , perhaps a 3 or 4 year old. He was tugging at the dress of a lady , by the looks of whom I could tell she is a maid because the children were of a different ethnicity than that of hers.

There were also two other children , a silent 5 or 6 year old glancing on the ice cream counter and making a decision of the flavor to choose, and a toddler sitting quietly on the pram waiting for her ice cream to be given to her. And then there was this cranky little chap tugging at the dress of their maid servant , screaming his lungs out creating a ruckus that made sure that everyone around him had his attention.

And if that wasn’t enough, he launched his tantrum further on his 6 year old sibling and started hurting her and even started to kick her, to which the maid obviously had to intervene and behold the maid was kicked too. Not once or twice but several times. The maid tried and held him from further attacking her but he was relentless.

And after a while I saw him calming down, perhaps because the maid gave in and let him have his way. And they left the scene shortly.

But I kept pondering on it for quite some time. What would I have done, had my child started physically hurting me in the midst of a tantrum? What is it that makes children throw tantrums like these where they hurt others around them? If the upbringing was right and the child would’ve been taught good values while growing up would he have created such a ruckus in the first place ?

I do not have a child yet, so a lot of you parents might disagree with me.

But don’t you think a child’s behavior can me molded and shaped through their upbringing in their early years? I quite certainly can tell that the cranky child’s upbringing had a lot to do with his disrespectful behavior towards his siblings and the maid.

Children are born innocent, and as they grow it’s what they see, observe and what they’re taught is what they inculcate as a behavior pattern. They’re very keen observers and quick learners, so it’s almost very certain that how they behave daily is actually an extension of their observations.

And I feel , it wholly is the responsibility of the parents and they are 100% accountable for their child’s behavioral growth. At the very first signs of misbehavior , had the child been corrected , his misbehaviors wouldn’t have developed into these substantial tantrums in the future.

As parents we owe it to our children to mold and shape them rightly in their very early years. These habits and practices what they’re taught in their toddler years can have a very huge impact on the way they grow and the way their future lives are formed.

Let’s be wise at parenting , friends. May God bless you all !

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