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Misery may come, but it shall go !

Sometimes in life, we may be visited by our very distant friend – Hopelessness. There are moments, or in some cases even days when we may just feel something better described as the “Blah” feeling in life. You don’t know what you’re doing , you do not know why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’re bored of the monotony you live in, you’re constantly just living in this doomed cycle of wake up – work – eat –sleep – repeat.

Some of us may feel such emotions only for a period of a few minutes, some may feel them for a few hours, whereas some may feel these emotions repetitively on a regular basis, haunting us day in and out leading us to lanes of misery.

I myself had a prolonged episode of this despair daunting me in the recent days. But I have bounced back and good to go again.

The lesson here my dear friends is that, misery may visit us once in a while, despair may take over our lives seldom. But they are not meant to stay. They certainly aren’t.

I hope that the recurrence of such episodes is less frequent in your life and also mine.

We all truly deserve a happy existence!

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