Old Basil Seed Drink Bottle Upcycling

I have always been very passionate about upcycling things, so much so that I have begun to turn into a hoarder. I am simply not comfortable throwing away anything beautiful that comes my way , or anything beautiful that remains out of the things that I buy and use etc.

So I decided to turn this bottle into a Vase.


I began by taking off the sticker , with the help of some warm water (submerged the bottle in warm water for a while) and then washed off the residue glue off the bottle.


The next step was the concept. I wasn’t sure how I’d actually decorate the bottle, all I had was a metal golden spray paint can. So I began by taping the bottle randomly , and decided to spray it with the metallic spray and then take off the tape to create an abstract design of gold and the see through glass.


I spray painted and left it to dry overnight and the next morning started peeling off the tape but I wasn’t happy with the result at all.  Such an eye sore !! Ugghh !!


So I decided to paint it fully again, and I did, and left it to dry for another few hours. But the second coat of paint on top of peeled off patches made it look very shabby again.

So I had to further enhance it. And then my gaze fell upon the tiny leaves on the plastic bouquet (the flowers of which I had planned to put into the vase ) and decided to stick them onto the vase in order to take attention away from the droopy paint job.


And Alas !! The flower Vase was ready !!!



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