Secret to a happy life !

Do you know of a person in your life, or someone you’ve heard of, someone who you follow on social media who is always a happy/cheerful/positive person? I am sure that at some point of our lives we have come across at least one such person, who is very relaxed, calm and an overall happy person.


The question I’d like to ask now do we feel envious of this person? Or gather inspiration form them?


We sometimes end up saying we’re not lucky enough, or life doesn’t favor us. But we must register this in our mind that at the end of the day we are fully capable of how we want ourselves to feel.


Now you may counter me and say that our destiny isn’t in our hands and what happens to us is not completely under our control. I’d like to partial agree with you. We definitely cannot control everything that happens to us. But we can certainly control how we react to what happens to us.


This is the difference between people who are always happy and people who long for happiness and never are able to find it. People who are happy have mastered the art of reacting to situations.


Our happiness lies in our reactions to situations. So the next time you are about to delve deep into the pit of sorrow and negativity, please remind yourself that you have an option, with all your effort and all your heart and soul , to feel better.

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