Five Instant mood boosters

Do you often find yourself in one of those situations where you seem pretty hopeless, or bored or just unhappy?? Well the below 5 things should help you get out of that state.


  1. Watch some comedy, anything that’ll make you laugh. I have a set of videos on YouTube that I have saved, which I know will make me laugh any time no matter what my mood maybe. So you have got to find that comedy aspect in your life – A TV show, a YouTube video , a video of your child, your pet , a photo of your childhood, anything, anything at all that is certain to get you laughing.
  2. Play with your pet. Pets are a great source of emotional support. They’re like your emotional outlet. For your pet you are the most important thing in the world, and spending some time daily with your pet would certainly bring you some joy. And if you do not own a pet, I don’t vouch for getting one. Because a pet is a huge responsibility, and you shouldn’t get one unless you’re really ready and fully equipped to take good care of it. Instead you could go feed the stray dogs or cats, or foster some pets for some time, or volunteer at a local animal care center. Trust me there’s true joy in spending time with these pets that are filled with nothing but unconditional love towards you.
  3. Do something creative that you really love to do, like painting or photography or it could be a hobby like fishing, swimming etc. Anything that will make you feel at calm. Lately there have been these adult coloring books that are supposed to be stress busters and they’re really selling like hot cakes in the market. I do not know if they work for everyone, but I’m sure they’d work for some. So why not give it a try? If they do not work for you and cultivate a habit that you love. Maybe your habit is yet to be discovered. So it’s time to find out what you love to do.
  4. Spend time at a charitable institution, an orphanage or an old age home. These people living in these places crave for love and bonding. And when you can provide them that, you will receive much more in return. Put value into someone else’s life. Donate blood if you’re physically capable of it. Donate some money to charity. There’s always greater joy in giving to the underprivileged whatever you can give – your time, your money or just your effort.
  5. Declutter – Have you ever done a de cluttering routine at home, If not then I highly recommend you do. Get rid of things that no longer hold value, clothes that don’t fit you etc. And if getting rid of items is a difficult thing to do ask yourself a question what value does this item bring to my life? And retain the item only and only if it brings sufficient value to your life. If life can go on without it, then please get rid of it. Donate it, trash it or recycle it. Minimalism also is proven to bring peace and calm into our lives.


So these are some things you could do, to change your mood on one of those gloomy days, because happiness, like all other things, also takes effort friends. Sending you love. ❤

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